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Aptitude Testing

Aptitude Testing:

Woodlands School – Supporting pupils with an aptitude for Sport or Performing Arts

We admit 10%, 30 youngsters per year who have an aptitude for either Sport or Performing Arts.  Could your youngster be next?

How do I know if my child is eligible and how can I apply for a place?

Any pupil who has an aptitude for Sport or Performing Arts is able to apply.  Parents/carers wanting to apply for a place for their child must first complete the Supplementary Information Form (SIF), obtainable from the school’s website.  All SIFs must be returned to the school before Friday 29th September 2023. Test results will be emailed to parents no later than Tuesday 17th October 2023.  Places are allocated in rank order, based on the outcome of the aptitude testing.  In the case of a tie on score, the straight line distance rule will be applied to determine the awarding of a place.

Notification of selection will be announced by the Local Education Authority on National Offer Day, 1st March 2024.

What are the benefits for successful applicants?

Applicants who are selected through the aptitude testing process will have access a number of additional benefits, which aim to further support and accelerate their development.

Pupils selected on the basis of a sporting aptitude will be guaranteed a place on our Elite Player Development programme (EPD) where they will receive specialised coaching, such as personalised strength & conditioning training, delivered by qualified professionals in our outstanding facilities.  Further information regarding the EPD can be found on the school’s website.

There is an expectation that successful candidates will commit themselves to the wide range of competitive Sports and whole school Performing Arts productions.

Click here for an Aptitude Information Letter

Click here for Supplementary Information Form

If you require a printable version of this form please email

Should you have any further questions then please visit the school’s website or contact Mr Billy Manners (Head of Faculty) for further assistance