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‘Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.' — Edmund Burke

Welcome to History


At Woodlands, we pride ourselves on encouraging all pupils to develop a lifelong love of learning about the past. We believe that all pupils should understand key events from the distant and recent past and how these have affected the way we live today.

Across our curriculum pupils will engage in depth studies of some key events of the 20th century, and breadth studies on themes of power and religion over 1000 years. These studies will help pupils to have the confidence to engage with current affairs, and reach conclusions independently.  Pupils will learn how to make and defend arguments and how to write with purpose.

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Year 7

  • The Norman Conquest
  • Life in the Middle Ages
  • Tudor England
  • Life under Elizabeth I
  • The Civil War
  • Migration to the UK throughout History

Year 8

  • The British Empire
  • World War One
  • The causes of World War Two
  • World War Two and the Holocaust
  • Significant leaders of the Civil Rights Movement

Year 9

  • Black Death
  • Peasants Revolt
  • Cromwell
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Suffragettes
  • Migration
  • Jack the Ripper

KS4 Topics

Paper 1 – Crime and punishment in Britain, c1000-present and Whitechapel, c1870-c1900: crime, policing and the inner city.

Paper 2 – Early Elizabethan England, 1558-1588 and The American West, c1835-1895

Paper 3 – Weimar and Nazi German, 1918-1939


Beyond the classroom

Pupils are invited to take part in clubs and study how history has been remembered.  These include a film club, where pupils get to watch historical films and evaluate why these stories have been remembered in certain ways.  Pupils also get to develop independent research skills where our history teachers support pupils to investigate their own personal areas of interest.


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