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Spanish is the language spoken by 486 million people and in over 20 Countries.  Learn to speak it and you will never be too far away from a friend.  The power of language knows no boundaries.

Useful online resources for GCSE Spanish students:

GCSE Bitesize has a section for higher level students. The website provides help and advice for 

obtaining the highest grade and has mock questions and feedback. 

MFL Sunderland has a variety of resources to practise for the GCSE Spanish examinations. 

Spanish Revision has a variety of resources on all four skill areas. 

Language Resources contains materials listed by subject area. Each resource has a note in the righthand column advising of its suitability by Key Stage. 

SpanishDict: excellent website to practice verb conjugations and other grammar practice, including 

flashcards and quizzes. 

Websites where you can listen to higher level /authentic materials 

-Materials for each part of the GCSE exam 

A website for practising vocabulary 

A variety of phrases, vocabulary, grammar 

Spanish video quizzes higher level topics include healthy living, work and careers, social and 

environmental issues 

Spanish phrases with sound 

Free videos with worksheets and transcripts-subscription needed to access all of the content

Links to Spanish TV and news 

There are many free Apps available for smart phones/iPads/tablets. 

Websites to practice your reading skills 


Search engine for Spanish magazines with free sample pages 


Obviously the articles contained in newspapers will be difficult, but have a look at the shorter 

articles/weather forecasts/photograph titles/headlines etc 

Spanish TV 

BBC guide to accessing Spanish TV channels