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Computer Science and Information Technology

Welcome to the Computer Science and Information Technology at Woodlands Curriculum Page

The need for Computer Science and IT skills is now firmly embedded in society. We use them for learning new skills, for entertainment, for planning and budgeting and just about every other daily aspect to our lives. Learning these core skills at Woodlands develops our students’ problem solving skills, and opens their eyes to the digital world. To achieve this, the Woodlands Computer Science department team have excellent, up to date subject knowledge and engaging pedagogical teaching approaches. This enthuses and causes a real spark in our students’ interest.

Click here for the curriculum intent document for Computer Science.

Click here for the curriculum intent document for Information Technology.


  • Introduction to Computer Systems
  • Small BASIC programming
  • Algorithms in Scratch
  • HTML web development
  • Algorithms and Flowcharts
  • Computer Crime and Cyber Security
  • Programming in Python
  • History of Computing
  • Introduction to Communications and networking
  • MicroBit physical computing
  • E-safety
  • Use of office software and digital literacy
  • Interactive Virtual Tour
  • Photoshop image editing
  • Audio editing software
  • Video editing software
  • Website creation


KS4 (Computer Science)

  • Computer Systems
  • Computer security
  • Computing legislation
  • Advanced programming in Python
  • Programming with C#
  • Computational Logic
  • Data representation


KS4 (Creative iMedia)

  • Media pre-production skills
  • Interactive presentation software
  • Website creation software
  • Graphic and image editing

Outside of the classroom we offer a weekly lunchtime Coding Club, enabling students a more hands on experience with computers and retro hardware in smaller groups.

We offer trips to Bletchley Park, where the Enigma Code was cracked during WWII. We also offer a trip to the London headquarters of Salesforce (The largest cloud computing company in the world).

Useful links

Students are encouraged to visit the following weblinks to help with their Computer Science and IT work. Computer Science:

Creative iMedia:`