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Creative arts

Artistic Performance Team

We at Woodlands are proud to have Creative Arts as a key part of what we are trying to do as a school.  Essentially our Creative Arts faculty enables all express themselves in different ways.  Without the Arts or creativity the world would be a sorry place. 

Artistic Performance Team will be an extensive exploration of performance skills as performers, musicians and will develop their creative intelligence, giving all students a well-rounded set of skills that will serve them well for higher education and to excel in the creative arts industry.


Here at Woodlands Art is uniquely placed to offer knowledge and skills that can be applied to the wider world, within the creative industries and can be linked to almost all areas of study and personal development. We are proud to offer our pupils the chance to develop and prosper in a way that benefits them for the rest of their lives.

Click here for our curriculum intent.


Drama is uniquely placed to offer knowledge and skills that can be applied to the wider world and can be linked to almost all areas of study and personal development. Students will develop the skills and passion for acting and performing, as well as developing an understanding and empathy for sensitive subject matters/ topics to embed into performances. Students will develop confidence and creativity, as well as a wide range of knowledge of the subject, including various performance genres (such as comedy and tragedy), key Drama practitioners and styles.

What will you study?

In Key stage 3 you will study the following topics:

In Key stage 4 you will study the following topics:

Beyond the Classroom

There are a number of extra-curricular opportunities within the Drama Department that are available to students, including:

  • Theatre trips
  • Whole school summer musical
  • Drama clubs (Yrs 7-9)
  • APT Drama


Here at Woodlands we provide Film Studies as an option at Year 9 for GCSE as film is an influential modern art form which is an important aspect to people’s cultural experience. We deliver a film studies course that will help develop pupil’s analytical skills, encourage independent critical thinking and gain an understanding of film history along with key events that have impacted the way films are made. Pupils will develop their vocabulary with an extensive range of subject specific terminology as well as interpersonal skills (self-reflection, team work, organisation, & oracy) whilst studying a range of films from American box-office hits to British independent films.



Films Studied


  • What is film studies?
  • How do we analyse? – Mise-en-scene
  • What is genre?
  • What is representation?
  • The Others
  • Grease
  • Singin’ In The Rain
  • Skyfall


  • How have American films changed?
  • Film History
  • How do films tell us stories? – Narrative
  • Why do films look different? – Aesthetics
  • How do I write a screenplay? - Coursework
  • Invasion Of The Body Snatchers
  • ET
  • District 9
  • Attack the Block


  • Gender, Age and Ethnicity in film – Representation
  • What is an independent film?
  • Exam practice
  • Revision
  • Let The Right One In
  • The Hurt Locker

Curriculum Intent Link:

Click here for the film studies curriculum intent document.

Beyond the classroom

Film studies offers out-of-school opportunities to film screenings (if appropriate films are showing that will develop pupil understanding of the topics covered during the course).

Film Club is an extra-curricular lunch-time club open to all pupils to watch and discuss a range of films, an opportunity to share each other’s enthusiasm of all things film!

Useful links

BBC Bitesize Revision page:

Film Fundamentals YouTube link:

Film History YouTube link:


Our Music curriculum aims to build a foundation for all pupils to achieve at Key Stage 4. At Woodlands we offer Music Technology and Graded Trinity examinations in Music Performance.  Both qualifications support pupils in pursuing a career in the Music, Arts and Technological industries and also provide pupils with DFE recognised qualifications to support further education.

Trinity Graded Examinations. Pupils will perform three Trinity grade 6 musical pieces on an instrument of their choice and a Sessions Skills study. The exam takes place at the end of year 11 with an external examiner grading all pupils' performances individually (each exam lasting between 20 and 30 minutes). This course is perfect for pupils with a passion for music performance and will require pupils to be dedicated to their instrument and comfortable when working independently 

VCert Music Technology NCFE. Pupils will explore the creation and manipulation of sound using Cubase and the school studio. The core skills assessed are; Sound Creation, Composition, Microphones and Sound Creation. 50% of this course is four pieces of coursework and the remaining 50% is two examinations, one practical and one written.

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum takes the core skills needed to succeed at Key Stage 4 and makes them accessible to younger ages building a platform to project and achieve every pupil's full potential. 

Topics covered:

Click here for our curriculum intent document.

Beyond the classroom

In music we offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities and have a great selection of facilities for the students to use.

  • Choir – Specific group for vocalists
  • APT – A group for advanced musicians (audition required)
  • Rehearsal spaces – Available to book and use at lunch or after school
  • Recording Studio – Available to book and use at lunch or after school
  • Shout out loud – Any ability is welcome to help build confidence
  • School Show – A huge production involving all areas of creative arts

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