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English is a cornerstone to both our pupils' studies throughout their academic lives and their opportunities away from Woodlands.  Our subject will develop the key skills in reading, writing and oracy which will stay with the pupils for a lifetime. 

Through our curriculum, we hope to develop a love of the English language and help to shape pupils who are inquisitive, creative and independent thinkers.  Our curriculum will give the pupils the opportunity to explore relevant social issues and to consider real world situations.

An overview of the topics covered in KS3 and KS4

At both KS3 and KS4 we offer the opportunity to read a range of texts which are intriguing, inspiring and thought provoking.  Through these texts we develop key reading and writing skills and offer pupils the opportunity to question and debate ideas which arise from the texts. 


  • Animal Farm – An important British heritage novel.  Pupils gain an understanding of key concepts such as democracy, dictatorship, propaganda and hierarchy.  
  • Of Mice and Men – A text of huge wider world cultural significance.  Pupils gain knowledge of prejudices, intolerance and marginalisation.  
  • The Tempest –Exposure to Shakespeare at an early stage of KS3.  Key themes of colonialism, leadership and rebellion explored. 
  • Much Ado About Nothing – Shakespeare text revisited in year 9.   Appearance and reality, misconceptions and strained relationships is explored.  
  • Jekyll & Hyde – An important 19th century work of fiction. Ideas of duality, good vs evil and friendship are key here.  
  • Boys Don't Cry-  A modern 21st century text. Exploring the complexities around gender stereotypes, sexuality and family.  
  • Refugee- Exposure to current issues through a modern text. Challenging our understanding of identity, prejudice and cultures through time in history. 


  • Macbeth/Romeo & Juliet- Key understanding of a cornerstone of the British literary world. Develop pupils understanding of relationships and human flaws.  
  • A Christmas Carol – A key British literary text.  Development of pupils’ empathy to those in poverty, importance of family against material good and social responsibility.   
  • An Inspector Calls – Development of pupils’ knowledge of the class system, socialism and capitalism. Develop pupils’ empathy for those in society who are vulnerable.  
  • Relationship Poetry- Pupils understand and appreciate the complexity of a range of relationships.  

Beyond the classroom

In year 11 pupils have the opportunity to go on an outdoor activity weekend. During this time pupils stay the night at an activity centre and spend the weekend revising and studying English, whilst engaging in abseiling, obstacle courses and other team building activities. 

We also offer pupils the opportunity to attend performances of many of the texts which we study.  This happens both through visits to theatres and livestreamed performances at our local cinema.

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