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At Woodlands School, we have a thriving Humanities faculty which offers our pupils a varied and enriching curriculum, which aims to develop our young people into well-rounded, well-informed individuals who are highly literate, excellent orators and experts in their subjects.

At Key Stage Three, all pupils will study History, Geography and AROE.

At Key Stage Four, the large majority of pupils will pursue either History or Geography to GCSE, and all pupils will continue to study AROE. We also offer the following fascinating subjects at GCSE:

  • Citizenship
  • Philosophy, Religion and Ethics
  • Sociology

We prepare our pupils fully for study of the Humanities at A-Level and beyond, and offer a range of extra-curricular opportunities to furnish their educational experience. For more information, please feel free to take a look at the subject specific pages in this section.


Sociology is offered as an option subject at Woodlands School from Year 9. GCSE Sociology helps youngsters to gain the knowledge and understanding of key social structures, processes and issues through the study of families, education, crime and deviance and social stratification. Pupils will gain a deeper understanding of the society we live in and the world around them, creating global citizens. This understanding is important to their culture experience, teaching them that we are all different and our views should be respected. Our comprehensive Sociology course encourages pupils to become critical, analytical and independent thinkers whilst developing an understanding of diversity. Throughout the course, pupils will learn an extensive range of vocabulary through subject specific language. They will undertake a range of learning styles, including independent work, paired and group work to develop interpersonal skills and class debates to encourage oracy skills.