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Not a day goes by where you won't encounter some form of Mathematics.  We at Woodlands love Maths and embrace all it has to offer.  Out team of specialist Mathematicians are here to ensure all our youngsters love Maths just as much as they do.

Why do we teach our pupils Mathematics?

Mathematics is crucial for everyday life. It underpins most of science, technology, finance and engineering. We want pupils to appreciate the beauty and power of mathematics, and develop curiosity and enjoyment of it. At Woodlands we want pupils to enjoy the challenge of Mathematics. We want students to be confident that they can think critically, and engage in regular problem solving to allow them to apply their skills in real life. We want pupils to understand data in the world around them and be able to reason and communicate Mathematically. But above all we want them to be numerate, confident, enjoy Mathematics and experience success in the subject, whatever their ability.

What pupils will learn in KS3

At KS3, we offer a broad range of study closely aligned to the National Curriculum, including:

  • Number (e.g. order or operations, fractions, decimals and percentages, use of a calculator etc.)
  • Algebra (expressions, equations, substitution, graphs formulae and sequences etc.)
  • Ratio, proportion and rates of change
  • Geometry and Measures (converting units, area, volume, perimeter, estimation etc.)
  • Probability (chance and likelihood of events happening etc.)
  • Statistics (averages, graphs and charts etc.)

Pupils revisit these topics over the two years and study them in greater depth from year 7 to year 8.

What pupils learn in KS4

At KS4, we have selected the Edexcel exam board, believing it to have the most accessible language and layout for our pupils needs and the best exam experience.

During years 9-11 pupils study a spiral curriculum which continuously develops and builds upon the  strands they first visited in KS3, however there is a greater emphasis and deeper learning of:

  • Mathematical fluency
  • Reasoning
  • Problem solving

Beyond the classroom

In year 11 pupils have the opportunity to go on an outdoor activity weekend. During this time pupils stay the night at an activity centre and spend the weekend revising and studying mathematics, whilst engaging in abseiling, obstacle courses and other team building activities

Some other activities that we’ve run at woodlands are

  • Maths in action trip to London to watch guest speakers
  • Inter schools FMSP maths competition
  • UKMT maths challenge
  • Trips to London Metropolitan, Cambridge and other Universities