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Welcome to Geography

At Woodlands we love geography as it is key to us being able to understand our planet.  We are just custodians of Earth and must ensure the next generation is able to do all it can to safeguard its existence for those who come next.

A subject which encourages exploration of the world around us.

Across our curriculum pupils will develop their natural curiosity of the world. Pupils will gain an increased understanding of location, place and scale whilst learning how interconnected human, physical and environmental processes are across global locations.

Pupils will explore the natural processes which shape our world and will develop an understanding of the impact humans have on Earth’s physical functions. Whilst obtaining knowledge pupils will also benefit from opportunities to develop geographical and investigational skills such as data analysis, use of GIS, map and fieldwork skills. Geographical knowledge and skills are taught alongside a focus on the development of pupil’s literacy, numeracy and oracy skills, to ensure pupils gain transferable skills as well as subject specific expertise.

Click here for a link to the Geography Curriculum Intent.

KS3 Topics:

Year 7:

  • What’s the UK’s place in the World?
  • How do the World’s weather and climate systems operate?
  • How can the World’s weather be wild?
  • How do populations survive in extreme environments?
  • How can we protect Earth’s environments?
  • Why do populations change overtime?

Year 8:

  • Why are Tropical Rainforests tropical?
  • Why are some countries more developed than others?
  • How hazardous is our Earth?
  • Why is the world becoming increasingly urbanised?
  • What is the UK’s landscape like?
  • What’s the issue with global resources?

KS4 Topics:

Paper 1 – Global Geographical Issues.

  • Hazardous Earth
  • Development dynamics
  • Challenges of an urbanising world

Paper 2 – UK Geographical Issues

  • The UK’s evolving physical landscape
  • The UK’s evolving human landscape
  • Geographical Investigations (physical and urban fieldwork)

Paper 3 – People and the Environment

  • People and the biosphere
  • Forests under threat
  • Consuming energy resources
  • Making a geographical decision

Beyond the Classroom:

A wonderful aspect of Geography is that it surrounds us and as such there are always opportunities to explore the subject beyond the walls of the classroom. Within the department we offer fieldwork opportunities within the school grounds in KS3 and beyond the school in KS4.

In year 10 pupils are required as part of the GCSE course to conduct two fieldwork enquires. Pupils investigate physical processes at the coast along our local seafront in Southend and human processes in an urban environment in our capital city, London.

Miss Brohan and Ms Merchant provide extra curricular clubs at lunchtime. Ms Merchant is an accredited UN Climate Change ambassador and as such pupils have the opportunity to become UN Climate Ambassadors.

Mrs Gould has a lunchtime work space specifically for KS4 pupils to be able to revise and revisit knowledge with a subject specialist. 

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