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Contrary to many teenagers beliefs, you cannot be completely successful by cramming the night before an assessment.  Our brains do not work this way it's Science.  Please explore the materials below to really see what can help.

We all learn differently so we all revise in varied ways.  Our aim is to expose our youngsters early on in their time at Woodlands to all different revision techniques.  This way they can see what work best for them and use this as a way to learn more, know more and remember more.

This page contains links to many  revision resources.

Click each link to below to explore different ways of revising:

Revision websites:

Creative Arts (Art, Drama, Music, Photography)


NEW French GCSE Bitesize for Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Grammar links. LOTS of useful exam practice (by tier and by topic), as well as exam skills and grammar sections.  There’s a section for downloading audio bites to listen to, an interactive online game and a Revision Map link.

User name: woodlands password: bravo

Revise vocabulary in beginner section, intermediate section split into lots of transactional vocabulary (for speaking) and topic

Create user name then you have free access to over 2000 Spanish resources and activities(plus other subjects).  You can filter by exam board and / or by topic area from the links on the left-hand side.

A text to speech website.  You can type in your speaking questions/ presentation work and it will speak it back to you in an authentic French accent, to help you memorise it.

Practise your verbs and tenses and topic vocabulary here with a variety of different games and activities.

Practise your vocabulary.

Exam Board websites:  You can go on most exam board websites and find exam / past paper practice.  You don’t just have to use Edexcel (we will be using these past papers in school anyway, so try other exam boards too).  ALL exam boards’ GCSEs have the same content (themes and topics) so ALL the practice exam resources will be useful.

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Other ways of learning /revising

Apps There are loads of (free) APPS you can use on your Smartphone for vocabulary, grammar practice etc.

Babbel                                     Duolinguo

Memrise  – ALL the sections of the  GCSE vocabulary covered by TOPIC!

Follow the link if not already in group


all pupils have been issued with their user name and password (welcome123)


this is also available as a free app.

sign up to Edexcel Spanish course to learn vocabulary on flashcards, you can also listen to the pronunciation. On the

search engine you can select any topic.

BBC bitesize with GCSE listening and reading exercises in Higher and Foundation

free online practice of vocabulary and audioclips. Click on GCSE

Learn-Spanishhundreds of words to revise in a fun way.

free revision exercises, in GCSE topics for listening and reading. (username: 2494 password: mflletmein) for

vocabulary and audio practice

lots of activities for GCSE topics, including videos and podcasts. Choose Intermediate Level.

click on the topic and you can listen to a range of podcasts, they have different exercises to complete

(gapfills, translations, True-False, etc…) Free

Exam boards:

(home page)

past papers and mark schemes (our board is Edexcel)

OCR past papers for further practice

AQA past papers and mark schemes