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Why do we have Options?

We have Options so that you can begin to personalise your curriculum and consider possible career pathways. Woodlands School believes that the new pathways make the Options process very exciting for all of our pupils to further their aspirations, build resilience, take opportunities and become excellent.

What subjects can be chosen?

You will have been recommended for one of the two pathways which we feel best suits your learning needs and offers you an exciting opportunity to explore a course which will help fully engage you in your schooling. The pathway forms explain which courses are available and which are compulsory for you to follow.

How do I make my choices?

We aim to construct a timetable that enables you to follow a combination of subjects that best suit your learning needs. When the Option Forms are completed and handed in, we shall be able to assess the demand for all the subjects. If there is very low demand for a subject then the decision may have to be made to withdraw that subject from the Options and at this point we will discuss with those pupils affected. The timetable means that some subjects will be in the same Options block and therefore are timetabled for the same periods during the week. We will try to offer as many subjects as possible in the blocks to allow as many of our pupils as possible to select their preferred choice. Inevitably, there will be clashes, but we will try our hardest to ensure clashes do not affect the subjects you can take too much. You will have the opportunity to discuss your Option choices with Mr Newby and, in the event of problems arising with choices and combinations we will discuss these with you.

Do I get any guidance in making my choices?

Included in the Options booklet is information about all the different subjects. This includes both core and optional subjects. In the weeks leading up to Option choices subject teachers will provide taster sessions during their lessons about their subject in Key Stage 4. There will be an opportunity to explore subjects further by attending any extra events which will be available, as well as the chance to speak to the staff involved.

What should I consider when making my choices?

It is important that you make your choices using the following guidance:

  • Find out as much information as you can about the subjects you are considering choosing. Subjects are not always the same in Key Stage 4 as they are in Key Stage 3
  • Choose subjects which you enjoy doing.
  • Choose subjects which fit your learning needs.

Should I be thinking about my career?

You should be starting to think about it, but at this stage of your school career it is important you give yourself as broad a curriculum as possible through your Options choice. In making Option choices there are very few careers which you rule out by choosing the wrong subjects for Key Stage 4. It is true, however, that to do an ‘A’ level in a subject it would be beneficial to have studied it at GCSE.

Click here to view the full Options booklet.

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