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In German we cover these topics:

Year 7 (one hour per week):

Term1: Meine Welt und ich

  • We will learn the basics about pronunciation in German and will teach you how to introduce yourself in German and give basic details. We will learn the alphabet, numbers, the days of the week and months.

Term 2: Familie und Tiere

  • We will teach you how to describe your family and animals. 

Term3: Meine Freizeit

  • We will discuss sport and other spare time activities.

Year 8 (two hours per week):

Term1: Ich liebe Ferien 

  • We will discuss holiday experiences and then move on to Ich bin ein Medienfan where we look at different aspects of media ie. music, tv, cinema.

Term 2: Bleib gesund

  • We will look at healthy lifestyles . We will then start the topic of Mein Vorbild which will look at role models.

Term 3: Rechte und Pflichten

  • We will familiarise ourselves with what rights and responsibilities we have and then  start the topic of  Wir gehen aus - and start to make arrangements to go out with friends.

Year 9 (3 hours per week):

Term 1: Auf in die Schule

  • We discuss all areas about your school and the school system in Germany.

Term2 : Zeit fur die Freizeit

  • We will look at spare time activities of teenagers.

Term 3: Menschliche Beziehungen

  • We will investigate what relationships we have with friends and family.

Year 10 (3 hours per week):

Term 1: Willkommen bei mir

  • We will compare lifestyles between Germany and the UK.

Term 2: Ich liebe Wien

  • We will get to know the capital of Austria while looking at holiday planning and holiday vocabulary.

Term 3: Im Urlaub und zu Hause

  • We will look at different types of holiday and compare them with areas that we live in.

Year 11 (3 hours per week):

Term 1: Rund um die Arbeit

  • We will discuss the experiences of work experience and discuss plans for future education and work.

Term 2: Eine wunderbare Welt

  • We will look at the international dimension in areas of music, sport and the environment.

Term3: exam revision and exams

Useful websites:

  • Bitezsize
  • Memrise
  • Tassomai