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Online Learning

We are living in an age where learning can be achieved anywhere and that knowledge is just a few clicks away.  Below take you through just some of what we offer here at Woodlands.


Online Learning

Microsoft Office

All pupils are able to access an online version of Microsoft Office for free. This allows them to use Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel and other key Microsoft programmes using their school log in details. Please see the below clip detailing how pupils can take advantage of this feature:


SacthelOne is the main learning platform we use across the school. All pupils and parents have access to the platform which can be used on a computer or downloaded as a mobile app. Pupils and parents will be able to use the app to check timetables, home learning tasks, attendance, behaviour points and scheduled sanctions and notifications will be sent to update pupils and parents of relevant information linked to these areas. Please see below video clips which give more information about the platform:

Student Video Guides | Satchel Help Center (

Parent Video Guides | Satchel Help Center (


Tassomai (RAW Knowledge)

At Woodlands, we want to develop pupils’ thinking skills. We want our young people to foster effective long-term memories so they can apply their understanding in increasingly unique contexts acquiring the higher order thinking skills of analysis and evaluation important not only for success at Woodlands, but also success in later life. Our home learning programme supports this.

Using the Tassomai App, pupils will be expected to complete daily quizzes, across all their curriculum subjects, which are tailored and personalised to the needs of the individual. Material is interleaved, to develop cumulative understanding, and directed at pupils in intervals to encourage the transition of knowledge from short term to long term memory. Please see the attached link for more details: Does the web address for the link need changing as it is not Show My Homework.  


Our pupils also have access to GCSEPod, an award-winning digital publisher of GCSE subject content. They can view 'pods', which are 3-5 min bursts of GCSE learning, rigorously quality assured and mapped to all major GCSE exam boards. Pupils can login by clicking here. If they have not yet signed, they can follow the same link and click 'get started'.


Additional online resources
Subject areas use additional, specific online learning resources, these can be found by clicking here. They can also be found in the curriculum area of this website.

If you have queries about online learning, please contact this email: