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Our elite Athletics development programme allows young people to develop and enhance their performance in a range of Athletic events. The athletics sessions will be led by Mrs Cann, who is a UKA qualified coach at Basildon athletics club.

Our programme is designed to provide extra support and opportunities to young athletes who show commitment and passion within Athletics. There are two sessions a week during the athletics season  which will include a range of sessions such as strength and conditioning, event specific training and general fitness and power sessions. It allows the students to develop their skills and techniques during school hours, whilst making sure they continue to progress academically. They will also have the opportunity to compete in County level competitions both indoor and outdoor.

The coaches and teachers will have very high expectations for the students involved, pushing them to achieve their potential. This will be highly demanding mentally and physically but gives the students a great start on the road to becoming a dedicated and focused athlete.

Criteria for selection for the athletics EPD programme –

  1. Represent the school in District and National Schools cup competitions.
  2. Attend a local athletics club.
  3. Make a County final in either an indoor or outdoor competition.

At least 2 of the 3 criteria need to be met.


For More Information, please contact Mr Heavey –