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As it has become more popular for pupils to ride their bikes to school, we want to ensure all pupils are safe. To ensure we do our upmost to safeguard pupils on their journeys to and from school, we have arranged for a series of cyclist road safety and awareness courses for pupils.

It is our intention that pupils that wish to ride their bikes to school apply to attend the bicycle road safety awareness course, ensuring they are fully educated to the risks and potential hazards when cycling to school. On completion of this safety course, pupils will be awarded a weatherproof, non-permanent Woodlands bike pass tag to attach to their bike. Only with the tag attached, will pupils have formal permission to ride their bikes to school and use the school bike store facility.

Pupils will only need to participate in the 3-hour training once and on completion will receive their bike pass tag. Should pupils conduct and behaviour cause concern when cycling to school then the bike pass tag will be removed, meaning that the bike cannot be ridden to school.

If you wish for your child to ride their bike to school and receive road safety awareness training, then please contact your Head of Year.