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Cultural Capital

We are the only school in the Country to have an Assistant Head Teacher for Cultural Capital - Mrs Heseltine.  Her job is to add extra value beyond the classroom, like a purse or a wallet, to keep putting experiences and opportunities to make life at Woodlands even better.  It is not all about exam results, though important, it is about gaining the chance to take all out of their comfort zones by trying something new with us.  "Take risks. If you win, you will be happy.  If you lose, you will be wiser."

What is Cultural Capital

Cultural Capital is something that we all possess, but in different amounts. It is a combination of a pupil's knowledge, skills and behaviour which enables them to be successful in the world of work, their career and in society. It is the golden thread that ties all aspects of a pupil's school life together,  making our youngsters better people when they leave us.

Cultural Capital at Woodlands School

At Woodlands we strive hard to ensure that we add value to our pupils' Cultural Capital both inside and outside of the classroom. Our pupils realise that being successful is not just about their exam performance, therefore we have a range of opportunities and experiences for pupils to get involved in throughout their time at Woodland School. In addition to pupils' exam performance, we actively recognise and celebrate qualities we see in our pupils which are sought after by employers.

Cultural Capital at Woodlands is underpinned by our AROE ethos in every aspect of school life, and whilst at Woodlands pupils will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of careers, participate in a broad range of extra-curricular activities, take on a work experience placement, and follow a bespoke program of study to enrich their Cultural Capital through the AROE ethos.

We are working towards embedding our Cultural Capital Pledge which we hope to fully deliver to all woodlands pupils by 2025.