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Interventions & workshops

Building Lives Project- Outside agency delivering mentoring sessions to different vulnerable groups of identified students. Students who are victims of circumstance and their environment. Providing opportunities that may otherwise not be accessible. 


Anger Management- In-house intervention delivered by Resilience coaches. Focusing on learning triggers, recognising body responses and providing strategies.


Racism- In-house intervention delivered by Resilience coach. Educating young people around terminology, history and consequences of inappropriate vocabulary.


Girls Gain- In-house intervention delivered by Resilience coach. Building self-esteem and confidence in young girls. Helping to broaden friendships and the importance of why young girls should to be kind to each other.


Goodman Project-Outside agency intervention to educate boys in appropriate behaviours towards girls and building self-esteem and confidence.


Firebreak - Outside agency delivering leadership and team building skills. Learning importance of working together and following instructions and rules. Learning valuable life skills such as first aid.


Break/lunchtime club- In-house intervention lead by Resilience coach giving students a calm place to go during free time. Building new friendships and raising confidence.


Girls and boys club - Outside agency delivering intervention on students to gain confidence, build on interpersonal skills and learn the art of working as a team.


Chelsea - Outside agency delivering intervention to identified students to build on Resilience through sport. Learning self-control and building confidence.


Barnbus- Outside agency delivering mentoring to identified students for wellbeing and resilience.