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Resilience is one of our four key pillars of AROE which our school is built upon.  It is our job to instil as much resilience as possible in every youngster. Life is tough and it is all about how we cope with setbacks.  Rise every time you fall!

Assistant Head of Year Resilience Referral Process

Assistant Heads of Year may work with pupil who pupils who have received a number of suspensions, inclusions, Senior Leadership Team detentions and Saturday morning detentions or those whose behaviour is rapidly deteriorating. These pupils may be placing themselves at risk of possible positive referral / permanent exclusion, or they may risk failure at school through disaffection, or returning to school after a long term absence.

When working with identified pupils, the Assistant Head of Year will follow the seven key steps show below. For more detail, please use the link provided to view the policy in its entirety for greater detail.

Click here to view our Resilience Referral Process