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There will be times when we all don't feel quite ourselves.  We have a huge team here at Woodlands to help all get back to their best.  From a team of counsellors, a trainee social worker and mental health and wellbeing coach to well-trained and alert to the importance of wellbeing staff, over 200 in total.  We are here to remove those barriers.


Vision statement:
-Promote positive social and emotional wellbeing, mental health, resilience and wellness for pupils, staff and our community
-To create an environment which is stimulating, secure and provides opportunities for all
-To develop an empathy and understanding for our local community.
Mission statement:
-At Woodlands School, pupils learn in a safe and thriving environment which is conducive to each and every one making outstanding progress, ensuring they have high aspirations for their own success.
-We promote Wellbeing across Woodlands School through the development of a proactive and enabling culture, under the provision of effective leadership, management and support.

Our students wellbeing in incredibly important to all the members of staff at Woodlands School. All staff are trained in identifying mental health needs and understand how to ensure our students get support. Mental health and wellbeing is promoted across the school and is embedded onto our form time programme and AROE curriculum.

We offer our students a range of interventions to help support their needs, such as: morning interventions, peer wellbeing ambassador support, group interventions, one to one counsellor sessions, one to one mentoring, and much more.