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What we want for our pupils

Be aspirational

  • All pupils will be well-informed, fully prepared to take the next steps in their education or training.  Pupils are encouraged to strive towards Russell Group universities, higher apprenticeships and high-level employment, both in London and further afield.

  • All pupils will gain the cultural capital to ensure they are rounded, well-informed individuals who have seized the same cultural opportunities as their peers from the wide range of educational backgrounds.
  • All pupils, especially those with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities, will be equipped with the vital life skills required to flourish and excel in adult life.


Be resilient

  • All pupils will be emotionally and physically healthy, equipped to keep themselves safe in the modern, digital world.
  • All pupils will possess the depth of character and resilience to cope with set-backs and rise to challenges, whatever life throws at them.


Take opportunities

  • All pupils will be highly literate and numerate, fully confident in applying these core skills to new contexts.
  • All pupils will be excellent orators, equipped with the impressive communication skills so sought after by high-level employers.
  • All pupils will take opportunities to fully immerse themselves in the wider life of the school, engaging in a range of enriching activities that both help foster positive relationships with peers and adults and take them out of their comfort zone.


Be excellent

  • All pupils will excel in a wide range of subjects, with a strong academic core that supports their academic, creative, technical or vocational ambitions.
  • All pupils will become experts in their subjects and possess the metacognitive skills to continually improve their knowledge and skills.
  • All pupils will read widely and appreciate the value of lifelong learning.