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AROE Curriculum

AROE Curriculum

AROE stands for Aspiration, Resilience, Opportunity and Excellence and our school’s AROE ethos underpins the work we do and the type of person we want our students to become. We have developed the AROE curriculum to cover 4 main areas.

  • Statutory Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSE & HE)
  • A careers program
  • Religious Education (as part of the British Values)
  • Aspects of Citizenship (at both Key Stage 3 and 4)

Our AROE curriculum gives young people the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and practical skills to live safe, healthy, productive lives and meet their full potential. We aim to make our students more resilient and give them the correct skills to cope with setbacks in life.

By teaching our careers modules when we do, the aim is to encourage more aspirational choices that students are supported with in order to take their next steps.

We aim to provide our students with a detailed understanding of six of the largest world religions in order to promote tolerance, living in multicultural, multi-faith society it is important to give students an understanding of different faiths to promote their Cultural Capital understanding of the world.

Relationships, Sex and Health education is a statutory requirement for schools to teach and we agree that students needed to be supported and encouraged to make responsible choices and be in control of their actions.

The AROE curriculum is an excellent opportunity to provide the ‘soft skills’ that a student will need later in life, it is the opportunity to support the student's growth and steps into the wider world.

Pupils who are emotionally healthy do better at school. AROE education helps children and young people to achieve their potential by supporting their wellbeing and tackling issues that can affect their ability to learn, such as anxiety and unhealthy relationships.

Our AROE curriculum is just one way in which we support the development and growth of our pupils Cultural Capital.

KS3 Topics

Living in the wider world:

  • Developing skills and aspirations
  • Community and careers
  • Financial decision making
  • Digital literacy


  • Diversity
  • Discrimination
  • Building relationships
  • Identity and relationships

Health and wellbeing:

  • Transition and safety
  • Health and puberty
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Emotional wellbeing


KS4 Topics

Living in the wider world:

  • Peer influence, substance use and gangs
  • Mental health
  • Building for the future
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Exploring influence
  • Independence


  • Respectful relationships
  • Healthy relationships
  • Communication in relationships
  • Intimate relationships
  • Peer influence, substance use and gangs
  • Families

Health and wellbeing:

  • Setting goals
  • Financial decision making
  • Next steps
  • Employability skills
  • Work experience


At both key stages the topics covered are mapped against the statutory RSE & HE requirements, please click here to view these.


Across both key stages, and as part of the British Values, we also develop knowledge around RE

  • The 6 major world Religions (Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism)
  • In KS4 pupils gain knowledge of Humanism
  • Undertaking that there is a freedom to choose beliefs and this is protected by law
  • Acceptance and tolerance of other faiths
  • Understanding how to identify and combat discrimination and prejudice


Across both key stages, and as part of the British Values, we also develop knowledge around some aspects of Citizenship:

  • UK political system, the role of the government and the monarch
  • The justice system and the institutions that play a part in this
  • Income, expenditure and debt
  • The UK political system and its relationship with Europe and other parts of the world


Please click here for Relationships, Sex and Health Education Policy

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